Company Profile

Who we are

Camagni Kitchens and Interiors has been creating exclusive kitchens and tailor-made interior furniture for over 50 years, alway ensuring the high-quality of products and the reliability of services.
Camagni, together with its experienced staff, technically qualified in the field, guide clients during the selection of the most suitable model for every client's functional and aesthetic need right from the firs planning stage, performing measuring reliefs on site and assembling the product, always ensuring an accurate assistance all around Europe.
In addition to its production signed, the two stores Camagni Kitchens and Camagni Interior & Outlet, located a few kilometers one by other things, extend offer thanks to inserting trademarks of the highest quality representing refined design both historical and contemporary.
Today then Camagni is also Outlet.
A shop located in Lomazzo, in which è prepared a rich collection where style, products, and customer care are always signed Camagni course.
Camagni Outlet: design and qualityà of products now also affordable to all.
This is Camagni and its way of furnishing… always!

Planning | Consultancy

The unwinding and architectural process - design of Camagni develops mainly in three different phases:


Starting from a simple seedling we proceed to the realization of a detailed estimate and a drawing - rendering studied together to the same customer, that will be then displayed on an LCD monitor large, located in our offices. This service is completely free.


In the event that the budget and the design are agreed with the customer definitively, it then makes a real contract sales-which will have clause as a small down payment.
It then proceeds to the definition of all the various details such as: plant engineering, sags, and lighting  according to our site inspection and survey measures on site to check all allowances.


Before the final production of the goods then we will be issued to the customer shop drawings designed by our interior architects and the CD containing the rendering - design of the products chosen, of course interior lights and accessories of their own space - home.


The transport and installation are carried out exclusively by our internal staff, highly qualified.
All kitchens and our furniture, before being packaged and transported to the customer's home, ex works are assembled and tested to ensure it is worktops, appliances, and furniture they comply with order.

If apartment then you are at the ground / first floors of a residential complex, we are equipped with our own “scale crane“ that will allow us to get to the place of delivery with ease up to one maximum height 82 ft above the ground.


The Camagni products have a warranty on the structure and its components equal to 10 years from the date of delivery. The guarantee applies only to use for the product.
Improper use of the same automatically invalidate the warranty.
The customer then require the replacement of any parts “altered“ or damaged, subject to examination by our internal technical.
They are not guarantee the natural variations of wood or colors due to effect of time or due to light and aging of the wood itself. In the case of completion and pairing between different products purchased at different times, there is no guarantee uniformity veining and color.
Use of specific products and to maintain the products must follow the exact instructions given by our qualified personnel.