plywood panel

Wood panel Plywood

The result is a stable panel that does not warp as opposed to solid wood. The wood sheets, obtained by punching or turning of logs, must always be an odd number, so that the grain of the first and of’ last layer have the same direction. The number of layers depends on the thickness of the panel that is intended to embody.

The multistate is a wood product that has good properties:

• EASY TO WORK, paste, is punctured and cut smoothly, presents a good seal assembly by means of screws;
• STABLE, thanks to the superposition of the browsed crossed fibers, the panel offers a good flexural strength;
• HYGROSCOPIC, it absorbs and releases moistureà depending on the moisture-rate of host environment;
• HARD, IMPACT RESISTANT MA LIGHT, technical characteristics that have favored use in a variety of settori. External is melamine in a synthetic material made from thin sheets of paper (around the tenth of mm) impregnated with resin melamminica. All this gives the multilayer structure in a excellent resistance to abrasion, scratch, stains, water and steam.

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