equipment features

The glass; a material constituted by silicon. Is tempered, that means is it has been subjected to a process that makes it becomes resistant up to 5 times the traditional glass and, in case of breakage, the glass will not break into tiny sharp pieces. The sandblasted glass also has undergone the treatment with abrasive sand  on the faces, in order to obtain an opalescent appearance.

What not to do with the glass ...

The sliding of metallic materials on the etched surface leaves marks due in part to the metal release on microcavità glass, both rupture of microasperità arisen with acidatura; is phenomenon; limited on smooth glass; take into account the rule that the glass is etched by materials; hard it (diamond and hard, ceramic stones, tiles, dishes, crystal).


The glass has a high resistance to stain and to limescale, especially if the glass; shiny. For the cleaning simply use SIMPLE WATER OR SPECIFIC PRODUCTS that are commonly found on the market, and then carefully dry bene.Da take into account the rule that the glass is etched by materials with equal or higher hardness (diamond, semi-precious stones, ceramics, tiles, dishes and crystal).

finishes and colors Range

Camagni Kitchens develops every single Worktop in glass with finishing and tint in the sample according to the requirement of its customers.

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