What the laminate?

The laminate, commonly known as the result of the superposition of a back side formed by a series of sheets of phenolic resins called kraft and a decorative sheet impregnated with melamine resins, covered by a protective layer of said overlay exterior finish. Being able to use any type of decorative, laminate memorize options; be infinite colors, solid colors or wood or metallic, patterns and customized digital prints.

HPL (High Pressure Laminates)

Only HPL meets the standards established by European standards for rolled-quality EN 438/1 and provides exceptional qualities of hardness and resistance to scratching, wear, shock, fire and to chemical agents. It resists moisture non-toxic, antistatic, flame retardant, does not aggregate fungi, mold or spores.

Unicolor Laminate

It is  an HPL melamine laminate thickness throughout, in which the color of the surface; uniformly distributed in the structure of the panel. This peculiar aspect of uniformity the structure; obtained by using decorative and support of the same color. Unicolor confers a typical originality to each embodiment in addition to allowing a high-strength abrasion.

Layered laminated

The layered laminate is a laminate in which the thickness of the support resins; normally greater than 2 mm. Thanks to its mechanical characteristics memorize options; It is used as a self-supporting panel without having to be applied to wooden panels. It has an excellent resistance to water, tent is which it is often used as both a work plan, subject to great wear, both in the furniture field for swimming pools and hospital, since it has excellent resistance to chemical agents.


For a long life is must AVOID CUTS DEEP. The non-porous surface can be easily disinfected with hot water, steam and all types of household detergent and disinfectant, not strongly alcalini. Non antiscales use acid-based products, bleach or wax-based products that could form halos.
NEVER USE PADS AND STEEL PRODUCTS CONTAINING ABRASIVE; do not place hot pans directly on surfaces and in cleaning, do not rub with force, especially with cloths asciutti. Is antistatic, then in the absence of electro-static charge does not attract polvere. To cleaning elements in aluminum use ac-qua detergents and alcohol-based or neutral detergents. Do not use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads and products containing bleach.

Finishes and colors

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