What the Lapitec?

Lapitec® is an innovative sintered stone, to formed in large sheets, which combines the aesthetic appeal to the large dimensions and very high property physical mechanical, joining potenzialità porcelain technician with the consistency, the workability agrave, elegance and la naturalezza of colors and finishes typical of natural stone. Lapitec® perfect witness to the values architecture and the style Made in Italy memorize options interpret modernity boost, as well as the classicism consolidated, overcoming the temporal and stylistic constraints and meeting the taste and sensitivity aesthetic of each designer.
The potential of sintered stone combined with the naturalness of colors and finishes typical of natural stone, make Lapitec® an element able to stand in environments in which it is inserted or to merge naturally into them.

equipment features

Thicknesses and formats

Lapitec is available in sheet sizes of 3365 x 1500 mm
The slab thicknesses are available instead of 10mm - 20mm - 30mm

available finishes


Lapitec® is an innovative product to high performance guaranteed for 10 years.

Color Range

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