What Neolith?

It has many uses for various applications: kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor flooring and wall coverings. Neolith è a 100% natural material and entirely eco-friendly, recyclable, it does not disperse any toxic or harmful in ambiente. Materiale of undeniable beauty with innovative NDD Technology (Neolith Digital Design) allows digital decoration with which you can create material surfaces, such as wood, iron or fabric textures to adapt it to any type and style of furniture. Timber, wood effect. It plays the same veins, the same shades of color for retaining&memorize options; all the advantages of ceramics. Textil reproduces effect of flax weft, raw cotton and Iron returns all the charm and beauty of the ancient ornamental metals that could enrich a kitchen or bathroom moderno. Ideale for work surfaces of the kitchen the ease maintenance and in contact with food hygiene. In addition, is resistant to high temperatures, abrasion, it does not absorb liquids and does not remain greasy. Perfect for bathrooms view its capacity waterproof and its resistance to chemicals including those of the detergents abrasivi. Questo is material; It was designed to be used throughout the house including the exterior coatings thanks to its capacity to remain unaltered to UV rays, not undergoing any kind of discoloration due exposure to the sun; resistant to atmospheric agents and to the temperatures rigide. Ideale for the floors as memorize options it is beaten and urged without any chipping.


To remove stains and halos of fat and food substances is recommended use of a sponge wet and simple detergents or greases diluted with hot water, paying particular attention to the rinsing step to avoid limestone and dirt accumulation. To make the più cleaning; smooth è recommended for the removal of fresh stains, so as to avoid fouling.

finishes and colors Range

Neolith Fusion

Neolith ColorFeel

Neolith Iron

Neolith Textile

Neolith Timber

Neolith Classtone

Neolith Steel

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