What Silestone?

Silestone is it composed of over 94% natural quartz.
Its composition makes it extremely hard and resistant to external agents.
It is a unique surface for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, floors and wall coatings that cutlery is through the use of smaller separation joints between the latre.


Cosentino dona to all its customers 25 years of warranty on all Silestone worktops.
The Silestone products fall within the demanding quality controls, in order to guarantee the fundamental recognition that a worktop that è become the coating of thousands of kitchens in 52 countries of the world.

peculiarities material

Stain resistant
Silestone is presented as  a non-porous surface and very resistant to any kind of stains (coffee, wine, lemon juice, oil, olive oil, vinegar, make-up and many other everyday products)

Acid Resistant
Being the quartz one of the materials; hard in the world, its strength lies in its stability color over time. Resistant to acids even external agents such as lemon.

Shock resistant
Silestone has a high resistance to shocks in the kitchen, definitely above all natural materials hitherto used as marbles and graniti. Il of vibro-compression process performed during the manufacturing process gives the material a unique hardness of its kind. In addition, its composition of quartz and polyester resin make it very resistant to shocks, but at the same time also elastic in order to avoid unpleasant breaks.

Scratch resistant
Since the kitchen a space in which you are working with sharp tools or with steel pots, the hardness of Silestone and its composition allow it to be very resistant to scratches domestic and chafing.


Silestone is available in two plate sizes:

standard format -  306 x 140 cm
Jumbo size -  159 x 325 cm


Silestone is available in three different thicknesses of plates:

12 mm
20 mm
30 mm

Finish polished (shiny)

Suede Finish

Finish Volcano

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