equipment features

Is an alloy composed of iron and carbon and is widely it used for its qualities of non-absorption, igienicit and indistruttibility. It is a very simple material to be cleaned and with the proper products, can be removed with easeà water stains by returning the steel like new.

The cleaning

IS SHOULD PAY ATTENTION water memorize options; contain salts, iron, lime and chemical acidic or basic substances which could cause oxidation or corrosion of steel is therefore not recommended prolonged contact with wet rags.
IS ABSOLUTELY TO AVOID USE of powdered detergents, liquid detergents containing chlorine or dilute solutions of chlorine or its derivatives such as bleach or muriatic acid, abrasive or steel wool pads. The cola stains, grapefruit, coffeeè and salt must be removed promptly.

available finishes

Profiles and edges

Durinox, the latest novelties

BLANCO SteelArt reinvented stainless steel BLANCO DURINOX®, in a matte look, is a material twice hard and durable than conventional worktops stainless steel.

More elegance. The particular homogeneous and velvety texture of the surface, with a matte finish makes the worktop an extremely elegant and simple appearance.

More exclusivity. STEELART offers freedom unsurpassed design in the worktops DURINOX® ;. This innovative surface is available in any size, and the tub memorize options; It is easily integrated into the work plan: the combination with the tanks SteelArt zerox è Highly recommended.

The result is a harmonious appearance in the round.

The advantages of this in a short superficie:

- Surface in stainless steel extremely resistant to scratches (twice of normal stainless steel surfaces)
- homogeneous structure of the surface
- Appearance matt and velvety
- Uniform surface to the touch
- Embed all the positive characteristics of stainless steel
- Available for every worktop thickness SteelArt
- Perfect combination with welded tanks BLANCO zerox
- Also available in SolidEdge

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