Hoods Bora

Bora has revolutionized the world of 26-rsquo; intake in the kitchen with its innovative plan for hoods cottura.  suction systems that fit into the più current design trends for 26-l-rsquo; kitchen environment, multifunctional space and gastronomic laboratory, a place of convivialityà shared. The hoods for cooking surface Professional Bora, Bora Bora Classic and Basic fully satisfy the expectations of a demanding clientele, thanks to their unique technology and a design capable of opening new horizons and design customization. A revolutionary system developed by Bora extracts the kitchen vapors directly from the plane, preventing così the fat particles released during cooking to disperse in’ environment. A special stainless steel filter captures grease; to  After cooking, the hood is closed and odors remain in the filter. Materials of first-quality 26-agrave; and technologies to’ vanguard make the hoods signed Bora excellent products for kitchens contemporanee. 

Bora Professional 2.0

Bora Classic

Bora Basic