Kitchen Design Lacquered Gloss
Gloss Lacquer Kitchen
Island Steel and lacquered
Lacquer Black and White Kitchen
Island with lacquered drawers Lucido
Island with Top Steel
Hob in Cash
Roomy drawers Lacquered Gloss
Lacquer and Stainless Kitchen
Kitchen with Island Lacquered Gloss
Top Steel
Anta Lacquered Gloss
Table Peninsula Steel
Kitchen Wood and lacquer

BS-04 Kitchen

The refinement of the BS-04 the kitchen is expressed in the choice of contrasting materials that make it unique. L’ island è constructed according to a very functional design: the elements are made with translucent acrylic materials, which enhance the depthà and they are composed in corners without conjunctions. The doors of the elements are realized with a thickness of 20 mm and the è finish; customizable, così as the choice of color shades from elevenà color.

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