Linear Lacquered Kitchen Lucido

  • Linear Lacquered Kitchen Lucido
  • Gloss lacquer kitchen
  • Kitchen Lacquered Linear
  • Kitchen Lacquered Linear
  • Hob Gas
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen sink

LS-01 Kitchen

Geometric lines and gloss effect for the kitchen LS-01. Made of Polyester Gloss Gloss, the kitchen makes l’ bright and warm environment and è in full harmony with più high order requirements: the &paneling egrave; perfectly equipped with an under-plane tank, the doors are sliding and containers have the handle to the throat. The top--26 egrave; made of porcelain stoneware, which is combined with the elegantly hob stainless steel. The composition and properties of surfaces modules can be made of different materials, depending on the personal taste: stainless steel, Corian® ;, marble, stone or wood, which is available in many variations.

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