Kitchen with Peninsula

  • Matt Lacquer Kitchen
  • Kitchen Wood and lacquer
  • Sink to Cash Out
  • Lacquered Kitchen
  • He took a Disappearance
  • Lacquered and Wood Kitchen
  • Hob in Cash
  • Hood Disappearance

LS-07 Kitchen

A refined look for easy kitchen to live. The composition of the solution with LS-07 Peninsula is based on a completely functional decoration concept: l’ island--26 egrave; the area destined to live 26-l-rsquo; kitchen environment, while mobile wall divide-by-26 rsquo; living area. L’ furniture offers a modular system of modules, realized with materials. fine: the work area has the floor in the technical quartz and doors in white crystal; l’ wardrobe, with internal LED illuminated, è walnut; Library hides the cooking area and è made of satin blue glass, così as the table .A effect elegance which is returned great practicalityà by removable fittings and electrified column disappeared. peak Element: the hood, that when not è activated is invisible.

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