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  • Kitchen with Island
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  • Glass shelves
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  • Dries Dishes Steel and Wood
  • Wooden Shelves
  • dresser Lacquered
  • Drawers Porta Pots

Kitchen LS-09

An effect of linearityà and that light of a kitchen island LS-09, made of wood and lacquered. L’ central element of the è composition; l’ monoblock island, with finishes in Acrylic Ecological. The &floor egrave; crossed by a horizontal groove contenitiva, which gives an elegant effect in addition to being perfectly functional. The stove and the taps are almost invisible thanks to large 26-rsquo; white ice effect, that gives all’ decor a harmony of incomparable together. The è wall; made of wood and hides interchangeable furniture and appliances. The kitchen LS-09 provides a rich set of options, which become in total white block almost decorative elements: the dividers, the glass shelves, boxes and wooden cutting board.

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