Kitchen hood with adjustable
Kitchen with Stainless Steel Hood
Kitchen with Ceramic Top
Top Ceramic Red

Kitchen Min - Oxidized Steel

The full range of finishes also singular that includes this series of kitchens, there consentir to give life to different appeal. This proposal among the wooden kitchens, guarantees the excellence of the brand Minacciolo. To design your home, come and visit our store and kitchens that we distribute, we are the best place for the vessels of the Minacciolo brand. Originality, design, quality: these are the elements with which Minacciolo conceives this model kitchens, which allows each person to customize the interior. Functional Area, but other than that the place of socializing the home: the kitchen environment is furnished with care. Among the industrial-style kitchens in this example it is characterized by its excellent character. Excellent materials and a diverse range of compositions allow you to furnish the kitchen environment taste of your home.

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