Wooden Kitchen Natural Skin Minacciolo

  • Kitchen and Black Lacquered Wood
  • Linear Kitchen
  • Doors Corner
  • Doors made of natural wood
  • hob
  • Knobs Kitchen Design
  • Plan Steel
  • Wooden Column
  • Removable shelves
  • Column with doors Corner
  • Column Kitchen Three Doors
  • Equipped column
  • refrigerator Column
  • Column with sliding doors
  • Column Kitchen Matt Lacquer
  • Kitchen Linear wooden and lacquered

Kitchen Natural Skin Minacciolo

The furnishing range of Natural Skin Minacciolo invites to rethink the spaces and their functions, aiming to help optimize this offering privileged access to functionalityà ;. It consists of sculptural moniliti and the extremely clean lines, that mark and divide the space of the house while also providing excellent storage units. For wrap the internal structure total black è “ a dress” by’ warm, natural appearance. L’ outer casing of the modules pu&memorize options; be   heat-treated wood, the natural coloration and by great resistance qualities. Or panels made with water-repellent and inifughi wooden agglomerate of high densityà dyed pasta. 

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