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MK Cucine

Qualityà absolute for kitchens MK, which creates customized projects that meet the più different needs of its customers. Each kitchen is made to measure and è It equipped with the best components, which ensures durability and functionalityà the furniture of our cuisine. Each project MK&kitchen can memorize options It is customized in detail according to the taste and personal style. Several models and to the sample materials for the worktops, the hips and the wings; for the gorges of extruded aluminum finish così as for the hooves is pu&memorize options; choose between the trim  lacquered wood in shade and steel, for perfect combinations. And in order to give continuityà dell& # 39; Mk whole environment makes available panels in the same finish as the doors, for covering walls and divisori.  Mk introduces the concept of tailoring kitchen thanks to the numerous models and their customization, up to the realization of &projects quot; to the millimeter" .- 26-nbsp;