Island Wood and Matt Lacquer
Top Wood and lacquer
Kitchen Wood and lacquer
Matt Lacquer White

Kitchen Alias u200bu200bin MK Kitchens oak

Composition for this kitchen island Alias u200bu200bMK, made of oak and High Gloss White. Proposal with a 5 cm plinth height that exalts l’ aesthetics, l’ island è made Matt Lacquer Glacier White, così as the doors, equipped with the convenient opening in modeà push-pull. The columns have 26-l-rsquo; elegant finish in Oak Evaporated and are intended to contain the   appliances; recessed. For l’ large work surface with inclined edge, è He was chosen as Corian® ;, which in the hueà Glacier White and 26-l-rsquo; insert Oak, bringing balance and refinement to’ kitchen.

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