AEG compact compact microwave oven

AEG compact compact microwave oven

Aeg oven: combined microwave with grill and ventilated cooking. Made of anti-fingerprint stainless steel, it offers a wide range of 26-hour functionality: 90 pre-programmed recipes, advanced touch interface with all the information necessary for cooking on the large multifunction LCD display. Thanks to the new ProSight programmer of this Aeg microwave, the display provides all the information about the temperature, the selected function, and the 26-hour advance of the cooking. It allows to cook, grilling, thawing or even just heating your dishes despite its really small size. E& - 39; l& - 39; ideal for kitchens not very spacious.

Reference Mod. |   KM8403101M

Conditions |   New product, former exposure 

Microwave power 1000 W 

Grill power 1900 W 

Measures L 594 mm cm P 567 mm H 455 mm

Capacityà internal oven total 44 lt

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